Would you love be refreshed?
Would you like to reconnect to your body, know your purpose, and feel loved in every way?
Do you desire to connect with your soul, your body and your energy field, to experience transformation, freedom and love, so you can be who you are?

Welcome to Awaken & Replenish 

Your Body & Soul Retreat


Hello beautiful Soul! Lovely to have you here!


We are Cordelia Gaffar and Bianca de Reus. We can't wait to work with you and offer you transformation, learning and collaboration through practical tools, activities and exploration of who you are. Not only have we 'been there and done that'; we continue to further develop ourselves and transform every step of the way.


We hold space for you in the depth of our own wisdom, experience and knowledge. We are your intuitive guides, your life strategists, your teachers and your mentors.


This unique retreat is all about transformation, experiencing connection, love and freedom for who we are and how can truly be, every day.


Together we help you clear blockages, remove fear, release old patterns, events and trauma from our body and energy field. You will learn to work with your body in a positive and inspiring way. You will have the tools, knowledge and skills to implement working with energy and vibration in your daily life.​

During this Online Retreat to Awaken and Replenish your Body and Soul, you will get everything you desire and so much more!

  • Release 

  • Implementation

  • Follow up

  • Transformation

  • Feedback

  • A supportive community

  • Experienced and Supportive facilitators

  • Show up differently in your life

We invite you to join us for you; so you can see who you are, be who you are and finally live your powerful self every day with ease and flow.

Together we will get you replenished and transformed!

Are you ready?  Let's do this!


The retreat kicks off on July 10th, 2020, EDT.

Shentia Simmons,
USA on
working with Cordelia:

"When I walked into the conference I felt defeated, unsure of myself and my abilities.

After working with Cordelia I felt empowered!

My spirit and energy were both uplifted and restored. I signed up with Cordelia for the intensive 30-day Replenish Me Reset and I highly recommend this powerful experience to everyone that needs to release, renew and restore from everyday life."

Luisa Rullkotter, Australia on working with Bianca

"Bianca has been my mentor for nearly two years now and I must say meeting her and attending her mentoring sessions has quite literally changed my life. 

Her approach in helping me to truly connect with my inner self in order to find out who I really am and why I am here in this world, has allowed me to create something meaningful and extremely fulfilling. 

​Bianca’s ongoing support and years of experience as a mentor encourages me to find strategies to overcome challenges while building my own business. 

​You can feel Bianca’s strong purpose while working with her, which makes her a person I look up to and a truly inspiring soul being."

Eunice Nuna, USA on workwing with Cordelia

"Cordelia took me through personal therapy.


She has always been available and ready to support me.


She always made me relax my emotions after my long days of counselling clients affected by trauma. She has been an inspiration."

*Prices are in USD.  All payments are required in full and upon booking/registration.