Why does your friend’s cat keep behaving like that, and what is that bird who sits on your balcony each day trying to say?

There is a way of communicating with animals, and it’s not as difficult as you might think. Imagine the conversations you might have? If you could hear their voice and feel what they feel? 

That “difficult” canine in the clinic, your loud-mouthed feline companion, that skittish horse, or the newly-rescued hens all likely have something to say — and you could be the person to understand them.

This unique online course will teach you how to connect to your pet and understand what they experience. With practical, hands-on learning, you will gain a deeper awareness of the animals around you, and experience the fulfilment of genuine communication.

Do you experience...

  • A need to communicate with animals effectively as you work with them every day?

  • Behavioural challenges with your animal companion?

  • A loss of connection between you and your pet?

  • Animals staring at you and you don't know why?

  • Frustration, as you have been to many other experts and still don't know what is going on for your animal friend?

  • A desire to understand animal language more deeply?

Your Soul-to-Soul Animal Connection Program

Hi! I am Bianca de Reus and I am the creator and founder of the Connecting Soul Beings Institute, and your spiritual teacher and mentor for this unique program.

I believe that everyone has the capacity to communicate with animals — it's not something we learn, but something we’ve forgotten how to do in this modern world. This program supports you in remembering how to communicate with animals, as I lead you through meditation and practical exercises that gently unfold your awareness towards true soul-to-soul connection.

The Modules

  1. Animal Communication; what is it an why is it so important?

  2. Telepathy and Intuition; the differences and how to use these in animal communication

  3. Spiritual Vibration and Connection for You​

  4. State Management and Boundaries; caring for You

  5. Connecting to Animals; your true communication with the animal kingdom​​

  6. Animal Wisdom and Knowledge; what to do and how to use the information received​

  7. The practical side; planning and implementation​

  8. Your Daily Life; How to apply Intuitive Communication in every day life​

You will receive:

  • Lifetime Access to the online learning resources (valued at $1,495)

  • One consultation between your pet and me  (valued at $440)

  • Audio recording of the conversation with your fur-baby (valued at $75)

  • Alignment between you and your furry friend

  • Learning how to communicate with animals

  • Workbook and other learning material (valued at $165)

  • Access to a private group on Facebook to share personal experiences with fellow students

  • Personal support and guidance from me via email or messenger for a period of five weeks (valued at $625)

  • Certificate of Completion "Animal Communication"

TOTAL VALUE $2,300! 

The course starts 1 OCTOBER, with doors closing on 15th September, so get in today!


Can't wait to work with you and your pet!


Stay connected, with Love & Grace,

Nikki Hunter

Wildlife Rescue, Australia

"Thanks so much for an amazing experience, your animal communication workshop opened my eyes to an avenue of spirituality that I had not considered. It has impacted my everyday life and I think of things I learned with you everyday.  


During the course and after it, I have been able to tell what an animal has previously experienced more easily. I look forward to growing and learning about this and other messages I receive from animals.  


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for extending your knowledge out so myself and others can learn."

Amanda Powers

founder LeadAstray, Australia

"Bianca is a master at what she does!!

I had the pleasure of being one of her Animal Communication students, her course literally changed my life — I now run my own Animal Communication Business, thanks to Bianca’s amazing support and guidance.


She is a generous soul who goes above and beyond for animals, whether that is through communicating with them directly, or through teaching humanity as a whole how to enrich our relationships with all the animals we encounter. 


I am extremely grateful Bianca crossed my path."

Lisa Phillips

"I had the pleasure of attending one of Bianca's Animal Communication workshops.


It was a wonderful, enlightening day and Bianca's knowledge and experience was exceptional. The day was so much fun and I also met a great group of people.


Since the workshop, I have gained an even closer connection to my pet and glad I took this time out for me and Nora!  

Thank you Bianca!  


I highly recommend this day to anyone who is interested in animal communication."

*Prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.  All payments are required in full and upon booking/registration. 

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more information around pricing, policy and privacy.