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Intuitive Living

A Practical Guide For Women Who Want To Deeply Trust Themselves

Currently available as an e-book; the hard copy will be published in March 2022.


No more second guessing, doubting, putting everyone else first, and getting sucked into the beliefs, realities, and projections of others. It is time to live in alignment with our own values, develop deep self-worth and not only recognise but also trust and act upon the whispers of our intuition.

Meet 25 international thought leaders, including Bianca de Reus and Dr John Demartini who live from a place of deep listening and alignment. Discover their tools so that you too, can begin to tap into the magic that unfolds when we listen to our intuition.


Here they the other authors and amazing humans:

Brenda JohnsonChristiane AmeyaCindy D CerecerDaniel WernerEva Arissani Nkoulou EllaFarrah MillerIrma VargasIsabelle TierneyJames M PowellJoanne MakasJules SchroederJustina CasuarinaKate GardnerKate LionisKaterina LenarcicKelly BoucherKrystal Hille, Dr John Demartini, Niki Woods DoeRanda SultanRivka WorthSophia HarveyStacey Hollowood and Tracy Jenkins.






‘It is the people who are open to listening to the animals through their intuition, that can help them share their stories and wisdom with us humans, so that we can learn, be inspired and create a positive change in ourselves and in the world.’

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