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When you buy a hard copy of the book, I will personally sign it for you! 

You can watch a recording of the book launch held 11th May 2019 here: Book Launch

I just wanted to take the time to let you know that I have finished your book.  It was a joy to read (honestly) and I loved the stories you shared about the animals you encountered. And your book also had me in tears....especially about Rosie and Toby. (So sorry for your loss, btw). I connected with you because I have the girls and my fear is really losing them.  We lost our dog, Bubbah, just this year and that was painful....but I can't help but admit that my connection with Bailey can't compare.  But your story resonated with me.  - Joanne Portillo

“This book is an easy step by step practical guide on how to open up and trust what you receive. It is an enlightening and honest approach toward the gift of animal communication, a gift we all possess, but very few of us actually use.” ~ Amanda Powers


“In this book, Bianca has shown us that far from being sentimental or irrational, communicating with animals is something that we can all do. Her book offers a fresh approach to not only understanding the animals we live with, but invites us to expand our bandwidth of compassion to other animals beyond our companions.” ~ Clare Mann

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