The Rainbow Bridge: from Grief to Peace

by | Oct 12, 2016

It is an amazing honour that animals trust me to be their voice, share their feelings and be the conduit for their messages.

The flip side of the work I do is that animals also share with me when they pass over, move on to the spirit realms, crossing the rainbow bridge. These are the tough messages I have to share…the pain animals are in, the suffering they go through and then receiving that phone call from a client telling me that their beloved pet indeed crossed that bridge…

It really deeply saddens me, but that is my human side. The grief my client shares, I feel deeply. My spirit side shows me the animals are safe, feeling joy, feeling free, have no more pain and are happy with their mates, family and loved ones.

And I seek comfort in the fact that I can help the animal to cross over; share their last wishes with their human guardians, their last words. Most animals are extremely grateful and thank us for looking after them, for the wonderful life they have had with us.

We can help them keep them comfortable and let them know what is going to happen to them during and after crossing the rainbow bridge. We let them know we love them and never forget them.

And that makes me happy…

But sometimes, there is this one animal you get attached to, and it takes longer to accept they are indeed gone…and that is ok.  Sometimes I have to remind myself I am human too…I can experience this for a little bit. Then I can check in with them a few days, or weeks, later and find out they are ok and still around if that is what they choose to do.

Then there is a joy again, happiness. Because people want me to connect with their loved ones a few weeks later. And I have the great honour and pleasure to share with them they ARE ok and pass on any other messages they have.

And we all feel better!  It helps us release our grief, experience peace and helps us understand that we can keep them in our hearts, forever. 

Love & Light

Psst:  if you experience grief or you feel your pet is going to leave this earth soon, give me call or book a time with me so we can chat about how we can help you and your pet. 

Bianca de Reus

The Soul Connector™

I am the Soul Connector™ and founder of Connecting Soul Beings®: bridging spirit and humanity. I help animal lovers awaken to self-love, harmony, and joy by guiding them to trust and feel confident in connecting to their inner self, through soul coaching and animal communication. Working with me provides you with clarity, alignment, and conscious communication with your inner voice, yourself and your beloved animal friend and spirit guides. We work through practical exercises, either one-to-one or in a group environment. You will learn to be connected, aligned with yourself, and to your guides and your pet through your heart, experiencing increase in energy, connection, clarity, love, flow, and harmony.

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