Episode 2: Numerology & Astrology with Tameera Kemp

by | Jan 30, 2020

OUR GUEST is the wonderful TAMEERA KEMP and it is my honour to introduce her.

Tameera is an Intuitive, Astrologer, Master Numerologist and Feng Shui professional specialising in compatibility, relationships, life direction, career, travel, home energies, fertility, baby names and name changes. Her mission is help you live your best life.

With 20+ years experience, Tameera is a full-time Astrologer, Master Numerologist and Feng Shui professional. She teaches regular workshops in Sydney and consults worldwide via Skype and provides amazing personal astrology charts and reports.

Tameera developed the first Astrology Numerology Guide and Calendar (called the Moon Lovers Guide), which launched December 2018 to help people understand the energies worldwide.

She has a special interest in developing online resources to empower more people worldwide and likes to call herself a soulpreneur.


In this wonderful conversation we talk about all things numerology, feng shui and astrology for you and your pet. She even went through my birthday, and spoke about our pets, and how we can also learn from their astrology chart.


During mercury retrograde which occurs 3 times a year for 3 weeks do not sign contracts, buy a new car or go on new dates! New Moons are great for setting intentions and starting new projects, full moons magnify whatever is going on in your life!

Exact dates are listed in Tameera’s Moon Lovers Guide with exact moon times for Sydney, New York, LA and London.

Stay in flow by working with your personal numerology year. Remember this is adding the day you’re born, the month you’re born to the current year. This can also help you understand where partners and friends are at.


Follow Tameera here: Website Facebook Instagram LinkedIn

If you’d like to book in with Tameera go to https://tameera.com/services and enter the code stardust15 at checkout for a special 15% off your first consultation with Tameera.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or Tameera.

Stay connected, with love & grace.


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