How I got into Animal Communication…

by | Jun 1, 2016

Not sure if I have shared this story with you before, and some of you may know this already; this is about how I got into animal communication and someone told me that I should share this story more often as it’s so amazing…never realised the impact of it until last weekend, when I spoke at a conference.

This story forms part of my upcoming book called ‘Hello? Can you hear me?’.

‘Hello? Can you hear me?’ was something I heard in 2011 when I was sitting on an old fallen down tree with a dear friend having a bite to eat during a bushwalk in Sydney.

I thought I was ‘hearing’ things and didn’t pay attention, but I kept hearing ‘Hello? Hello?’ Then, in my mind, I asked who it was. The following conversation happened:-

It said: ‘I am a snake and I am under the tree’.
Me: ‘Oh OK. Wow.’.
Snake: ‘I am just testing to find out you can hear me. You need to keep practising and do your job’
Me: ‘Can I see you?’
Snake: ‘no rather not. Your friend is afraid of snakes and I do not want to scare her’.
Me: ‘OK’.
Snake: ‘that was all…just wanted to hear you and confirm you can hear me’.

And that was it.

My friend was looking at me funny and asked what just happened. I explained and she reacted with fear of seeing the snake. I asked if she is afraid of snakes and she confirmed. We both sat for a little while in amazement.

I instantly knew the job ahead of me in this lifetime…

Then a few minutes later (in an Aussie accent) there was a lizard calling me full of excitement: “Hey…can you see me, can you see me?” When I acknowledged that I saw him on the tree, he was satisfied and just wandered off. That is just amazing, and I feel so honoured to be able to communicate with animals. It feels great and it is wonderful to ‘hear’ the different voices and feel the different energies.

After this experience, I went looking for other animal communicators. I have since learned from them and by applying the principles and my own intuition, connection and working with my own spiritual team, my journey has been amazing.

Since then I have spoken with birds, dogs, cats, guanas, horses, guinea pigs, insects and many more. I am loving it!!

Whether animals have a specific message for us or just want to have a conversation, communicating with our animal friends is a healing and therapeutic experience.

Animals are so wise and have so many stories and information to share with us that is is very important for us to tune into them and learn, work together to fully connect and experience love and harmony (part of my purpose in life to facilitate these relationships)

Today I am inviting you to look at your animal companion or an animal around you in nature, ask them to spend some time with you and just purely tune in and listen. You’ll be surprised by what you will hear, see or feel!

If you’d like a hand with this process; call me! I am here to serve you and animals.

Love & Light,

Bianca de Reus

The Soul Connector™

I am the Soul Connector™ and founder of Connecting Soul Beings®: bridging spirit and humanity. I help animal lovers awaken to self-love, harmony, and joy by guiding them to trust and feel confident in connecting to their inner self, through soul coaching and animal communication. Working with me provides you with clarity, alignment, and conscious communication with your inner voice, yourself and your beloved animal friend and spirit guides. We work through practical exercises, either one-to-one or in a group environment. You will learn to be connected, aligned with yourself, and to your guides and your pet through your heart, experiencing increase in energy, connection, clarity, love, flow, and harmony.

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