How to Release Negative Energy and Feel Energised Again

by | May 5, 2021

Recently I spoke to a few people who are suffering from lethargy, heaviness in their body and overall feeling a bit out of sorts.

Have you been feeling the same?

‘A lot of different energies are going around.’ This is what I hear as an answer and an ‘excuse’.

I am the first one to say that I am guilty of doing/saying this and just plot along as if it’s all about the ‘energies around’. Not paying attention… Trust me: it will bite you in the butt!

You see, every day as we go about our business not paying real attention to our own vibration and body, we pick up a lot from our experience, other people, and environments. And what we pick up is mostly not serving us; yet it attaches itself and has a negative impact on us.

Not only that, but we also give out a lot to those around us. We give away our energy…our power.

The result is that we often feel depleted, drained, emotional, or uncomfortable... you can fill in more, I’m sure. And that is not serving us at all!

So, what can we do about this?

Release! Release the attachments. Release what no longer serves you. So that you are free again and feel your own power again to allow positive energy to thrive. See your own light shining brightly again.

When we feel out of sorts, and we can’t pin-point what it is, the first step is to stop. Then be still, tune into your body and your energy field, to see what is really going on.

Sometimes we may need some help with this.

Last week I went through a HUGE release. I was feeling sick (physically and mentally) for a little while, and once I addressed the physical ailments and they cleared up, I still felt extremely down and out, depleted and just not myself. I even woke up one night with an intense feeling of someone ‘being there’, that didn’t feel right. (As you know I always have beings around me, and they always feel wonderfully loving, nurturing and supportive, so I know how my guides and spirit team feel!)

I had to get to work…and I am so blessed to have beautiful people around me who I can turn to for some guidance and assistance.

Now…I am free again. I see my own light again, and feel so relieved and I understand what happened, so it won’t happen again.

I let go, released all that wasn’t serving me, with love.


I’d love to help you do the same
You may have heard about ‘etheric cords’ or ‘energy cables’ that are attached to our energy centres, and our physical body. It’s time to do some housekeeping and release them, and then dissolve them.

It is time to remove these cords linked to people, events, and environments, in all time directions (past, present and future)

And this is something I recommend we do regularly.

I created an e-book with the exact steps you can follow to remove the cords that have attached themselves to you. These steps help you release, feel free and be yourself again.

Are you ready?

Download your complimentary e-book right here:  DOWNLOAD


Bianca de Reus

The Soul Connector™

I am the Soul Connector™ and founder of Connecting Soul Beings®: bridging spirit and humanity. I help animal lovers awaken to self-love, harmony, and joy by guiding them to trust and feel confident in connecting to their inner self, through soul coaching and animal communication. Working with me provides you with clarity, alignment, and conscious communication with your inner voice, yourself and your beloved animal friend and spirit guides. We work through practical exercises, either one-to-one or in a group environment. You will learn to be connected, aligned with yourself, and to your guides and your pet through your heart, experiencing increase in energy, connection, clarity, love, flow, and harmony.

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