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Bianca de Reus

Throughout my life I have always had a knowing and could feel things. I never really knew what that was or how I could do it.

People have always come to me for guidance, advice and support. They say:

“Bianca knows everything. She will make it right.”

“Bianca will help you feel better.”

“Bianca will be able to guide you in the right direction or help you with clarity.”

“When I am around you, you always make me feel happy, at peace and light.”

Until well into my adulthood I denied knowing everything, but on many occasions, it was made clear to me that I did know a lot! I feel what is right and what is wrong; I know which direction to go or where to guide a person.

But I never knew how, or why.

Not knowing drove me into a spin and depression for a long time. I felt alone, and felt different. Especially in my younger years, I felt I didn’t belong, and that feeling lasted to well into my adult life.

I see myself as a practical, down to earth woman, who certainly doesn’t tap into the “woo-woo” of life. To me, it has to be tangible and analysed. I love to find out why things happen, and because I couldn’t figure out the why, it drove me nuts! Why did I know so much? Why did I feel what I felt and couldn’t describe it? Why didn’t I know where it was coming from? Why did I have physical experiences that I couldn’t explain? And I could hear things that weren’t there, see things that I couldn’t explain. And WHY did it feel like such a heavy responsibility? 

I then found the courage to talk to my mum and other people, and that took me on a journey of self-discovery and researching everything to do with energy and spiritual healing. I found the right mentors and teachers in Wayne Dyer, Dr Joe Dispenza, Julia Cameron, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Esther Hicks, and Caroline Myss.

My daily routine was all about healing myself, meditation, and learning more about the metaphysical world. I learned so much about inner self, source and the spiritual connection we have. My own world started to expand.

In 2011 I was introduced to the world of animal communication as a snake started talking to me in a nature reserve I was exploring with a friend. You know, I was always curious about our animal friends and often wondered what was going on behind those beautiful eyes. How are they experiencing the world we live in?

Well I soon found out, as the snake literally told me:

“I am testing to find out if you can hear me. You need to keep practising this, as you are to go out into the world and do your job. Help the animals and humans connect and live together again.”

That took me on another path of exploring and learning, which I absolutely loved. What was better than to help the animals by being their voice?

Fast forward to now, I live my truth helping humans re-connect to their inner self, their soul, and when they do they can also deeply connect with their pets, other animals, guides and even the spirit world.

I published a book in 2018 called Hello? Can you hear me?, which teaches people animal communication and self connection. I co-authored a best-selling book Intuitive Living in 2022. 

Now I spend my time loving the work with my clients, their animals and the spirit world. Helping them to find their inner voice, their light, and experience self-love, harmony and joy on a daily basis. At the same time, I pride myself being an inspirational speaker, Reiki master, Shambhala master, an award-winning soul coach, animal communication mentor, and podcast host. Personally, I love spending time with my wife, Lana, and our beautiful mini Schnauzers, Raphael and Tofu, who you can see right here:

my vision and mission

What I am passionate about


I am here to inspire people to create love, harmony, and joy collectively around the world, so that humans and animals live side-by-side with unconditional love and respect.

My mission is to teach pet parents how to reconnect with their true self, their guides, the animals around them and source, by way of soul coaching, animal communication, inspired soul connection, mentoring, and energetic healing.




Bianca was awarded ‘Best Soul Coach and Animal Communication Mentor for Australia, in 2021:

Bianca has been recognized as one of the Top Soul Coaches by Coach Foundation: