The Four Pillars of Soul Connection™

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The Four Pillars Explained

All our programs and services are underpinned by the Four Pillars of Soul Connection™. 

Each pillar provides clarity and a pathway for you as well as measurable outcomes we can track with you. Whether you have just started out on your spiritual journey, want to learn to talk to your pet, connect with your intuition, or talk to your guides; S.O.U.L. Connection is at the core of what we do.

Each pillar is explained below.

SPIRITUAL is the pillar teaching you everything about spirituality, what it all means for you, and enhances your knowledge about all that is the Universe.

We tackle topics such as intuition, energy, vibration, emotions, spirit, soul, and frequency.

You will learn the personal and global impact of animal communication, soul communication, raising the vibration, working with our spiritual guides, and how we can collaborate to experience harmony, joy and self-love.

The key elements of this pillar are Knowledge, Belief, and Trust.

ONE is the pillar where we completely focus on you!

You discover what is happening for you right now, and what blockages, fears, and experiences you have that are holding you back. On top of that we celebrate exactly who you are now.

Together we help you release anything that no longer serves you; from your body, mind and energy field. You will learn how to co-work with your ego (your human self) and bring your ego into alignment with your true self, as you discover your natural spiritual abilities.

The key elements are Release, Embrace and Understand Self.

UNITE is where you are bridging your two worlds: human and spirit.

As you tap into your spiritual team, you’ll learn to listen and work together so you have trust, knowledge, and clarity about insights into you and your life, and gain understanding about what you desire to manifest consciously in your life.

We call this collaboration at a high vibrational level.

Your spiritual team is your higher self as well as spiritual guides, and they may include: angels, guides, animals, galactic beings, etc. You will also learn how to tap into the language of the animal kingdom by learning the six practical steps to connect to the animals.

The key focus areas are Connect to Self, Spiritual Team, and Collaboration.

You have come home and are in LOVE! Now you are truly aligned, working with your spirit team consistently. You are filled with love, joy, and peace and you are awakened!

You experience true freedom, as you confidently trust yourself, your intuition, and the knowledge that you are doing everything the way you desire and being who you are meant to be – a beautiful Soul in a beautiful human body. You are in perfect flow and harmony with your inner guidance and live from your heart.

Key outcomes for this pillar are being Awake, Aligned, and experiencing Freedom.