The Four Pillars of Soul Connection™

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The Four Pillars

All our programs and services are underpinned by the Four Pillars of Soul Connection™.

Each pillar is aligned to elements of a program or service, and provides more clearity on how we work with you. Whether you are learning to talk to your pet, connect with your inner self, or talk to your guides; S.O.U.L. Connection is at the core of what we do.


SPIRITUAL is the pillar teaching you everything about spirituality, where you are now, what it all means for you and enhance your knowledge about all that is.

We tackle topics such as intuition, energy, vibration, emotions, spirit, soul, and frequency. You will learn about animal communication, soul communication, our spiritual guides, past lives, and how you can raise your vibration to match the frequency of your being and what you desire.

The key elements of this pillar are Knowledge, Belief, and Trust.

ONE is the pillar where we focus completely on you.

We find out what is happening in the present moment, and what may be holding you back. You also learn how to best work your ego, your human self.

We identify blockages, fears, and experiences that have a negative impact on us. We embrace and celebrate who you are and what you have experienced so far. Then you release some of the blockages, pains, and challenges, and collaborate with your soul and human selves.

At the same time, we create a full understanding of your being. Togerher we discover your spiritual abilities and you learn to align and raise your frequency.

The key elements that are related to this are Release, Embrace and Understand Self.

UNITE is where you are about to bridge your two worlds: human and spirit.

As you tap into your ‘spiritual team,’ you’ll learn to listen and work together so you have trust, knowledge, and clarity about who you truly are, insight into your life, and understanding what you desire to manifest consciously in your life.

In other words, doing what you love! I call this ‘collaboration at a high vibrational level’.

You will also tune into the animal kingdom and understand animal language to guide you.

The key focus areas for this pillar are Connect to Self, Spiritual Team, and Collaboration.


You have come home and LOVE! Now you are truly aligned, working with your spirit team daily. You are filled with love, joy, and peace and you are awakened!

You experience true freedom, as you trust in the flow of energy, and the knowledge that you are doing everything the way you desire and being who you are meant to be – a beautiful Soul in a beautiful human body, in perfect flow and harmony with your Soul and Human Selves.

Key outcomes for this pillar are being Awake, Aligned, and experience Freedom.