The following episode was a live recording of Metta Musings and Mugs, a weekly show in our community group on Facebook. We wish to share this as part of the Connecting Soul Beings Podcast. Due to the nature of the live recording, you may hear answers to questions people asked live on air, as well as reference to comments and names of people that attended the live episode.

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About Caroline Ryan:

She is based in the UK and is a Sacred Midwife supporting the birth of a New World. Follow Caroline here:


Enjoy this episode.

NB: Metta means to care and wish well for another being without judging them, to accept them independently of agreeing or disagreeing with them, and without wanting anything from them in return. It is a universal love that can overcome all social, religious, ethnic, political and economic barriers. As a result of metta, one can experience another state of the four Buddhist virtues: joy, a true happiness in another’s happiness.