A powerful conversation with Pauliina Salmenhaara, Wellness Advocate and Spiritual Practitioner, from Finland.

We talk about our beloved animal companions and our connection with them, how we can find/re-discover our self through connecting to our spiritual side, and find joy in understanding who we are and what we create for ourselves.

Pauliina shares how her spiritual journey enhanced her life in this lifetime.

As a bonus, Pauliina shares a Golden Nugget

Learn to listen to what mind and soul is saying:

  1. Set a timer to STOP! 3 times a day.
  2. When the timer goes: STOP!
  3. Close your eyes
  4. Take three deep breaths
  5. What is your Inner Voice saying?

About Pauliina Salmenhaara

Pauliina is currently based in Helsinki, Finland. She is a wellness advocate who prioritises self-care in a way that combines the practical with the magical.

Pauliina’s experience as an alternative therapist, vegan chef, spiritual practitioner, restaurateur, and mother culminates in her online platform, Home of Wellness.

She wants you to know that you are your own healer and that it is possible to nourish yourself on the levels of body, mind, and spirit, and to find your way to a happier, healthier and more meaningful way of living.

She is passionate about daily spiritual practice, self-expression, being you, self-care routines and practice for a healthier and happier you, including strong immunity. She also loves talking about and helping others with manifestation, veganism, and mindful eating. Combining the practical with the magical.

Connect with Pauliina

  • Website: https://www.homeofwellness.co/
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/homeofwellness.bypauliina/
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pauliina-salmenhaara-ⓥ-🌱-4a225b83/
  • Pinterest: https://pin.it/6B1AXNX