Wow! What a juicy and fun conversation with the amazing Ruby Pichel! We shared wisdom around shining our light together, frequency, vibration and claiming your power.

Ruby spoke about the 144000 light workers, and consciousness including judging ourselves.

Ruby also has a golden nugget for you: when things are not going too well for you:

  1. Choose what works for you?
  2. What is Fun for you?
  3. What makes you laugh?
  4. It is ONE step at a time!

About Ruby

Ruby is a an Access Consiousness® BARS Facilitator (BF), Access Consciousness® Energetic Facelift Facilitator (AFF), and Warrior of the Light.  This is what she wanted to share: 

“To be honest, my life seemed pretty good before. I was blessed with a good education, had a career, a husband, two kids…. I made a decent amount of money, drove a new lease car every few years and traveled around the world for business and pleasure. What was I complaining about, one might say…

What I didn’t realize was that my sense of loneliness and that something was missing, was coming from old patterns and beliefs that I took on as my own since I was very young. And even creating the best picture of life could not fill that void.  

And then it happened… The painful things in life started showing up and I knew I had to release myself from the trauma and all the limiting beliefs attached to that. And it got me to a place where I can facilitate many others to remember who they are and create the life they were meant to have. A life of ease, joy & abundance!

Since I started with Access Consiousness® I have been applying the tools and it has changed my life in a dynamic way! It would be an honour and give me so much joy to share the tools with you so you can also have the change you desire.”

Connect with Ruby:

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