What a wonderful, relaxed and inspiring episode with SARA & CHRISTOPHER from SOUL IN WONDER.

You will experience a raw, real and down to earth conversation about healing, trauma, balance, tuning in, being in flow, resting, letting go and working together in harmony to raise our vibration and discover who we truly are as a conscious creator with a true heart’s desire, and serving the world from that place.

About Sara and Christopher:

Husband and wife, Christopher & Sara are Self-Empowerment Coaches, Mind/Body Wellness Experts, Hosts of the Soul in Wonder Podcast, and the Founders of Soul in Wonder – a conscious multimedia platform that supports truth-seekers in their personal and spiritual growth.

After surviving a violent sexual assault while serving as a volunteer in Namibia, Africa, Sara had to pick up the pieces to her life.

Yearning for more out of life, Christopher followed his heart and decided to trade a cosy corporate job for a volunteer life of isolation and poverty.

After a series of synchronistic events, Sara and Christopher met while serving as Peace Corps volunteers in Tanzania, Africa. Shaken by the realities of life and inspired to make a positive impact on the world around them, they realised true transformation isn’t possible until one goes within so they committed to an ever-evolving state of self-discovery and awareness. By reinforcing their own integrity, they have devoted their lives to the evolution of human consciousness.

As Self-Empowerment Coaches, Mind/Body Health & Wellness Experts, Hosts of the Soul in Wonder Podcast, and founders of Soul in Wonder, they are on a mission to ignite the human spirit and inspire new ways of conscious, connected living. Through the power of self-exploration, they support truth-seekers worldwide on their journey of personal transformation and spiritual growth.

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