Tofu Scramble...yummy!

Made a yummy breakfast...

It was funny; I made a vegan version for myself and a version with eggs for my partner. She actually said; "I want yours! Looks much nicer, healthier and more colourful!"

Here is the recipe:

1/2 zucchini, sliced quarter of tofu, mashed with a fork quarter onion, finely diced 1 tomato, diced 4 mushrooms, sliced

Fry the above ingredients in a little wok or frying pan, with some coconut oil. I usually start with the onion, then the zucchini, tomato and mushrooms, and I add the tofu last.

Add some salt, pepper. to taste, and fresh grated tumeric (great for colour, but more importantly great as an anti-inflammatory)

Handful spinach, fresh and washed Half an avocado, mashed or sliced 1 slice of Bio Cheese (vegan cheese from the deli) Fresh parsley

In a bowl place the spinach, with a slice of bio cheese on top. When you finish your stir-fry, put the mix on top of the cheese, so it melts slightly. Add the avocado on the side and some parsley on top.

Voila and Bon-Appetite!!!

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