Dealing with negative thoughts and generate positive energy

Don't you love it when you randomly grab a book from your shelves and you open it up on a page and read something that absolutely resonates? Yesterday I did just that and I'd like to share a quote from a little book I opened up called "Creating Abundance" by Lillian Too.

This resonated with me as I have experienced some negative thoughts (haven't we all?) and have heard other people experiencing the same lately. Even though this is a new year, people I speak to still feel they were not prepared and are feeling overwhelmed, stressed and talking negatively to themselves and about themselves. It is time to change this! So, I invite you to become aware of those thoughts and feelings. Even write them down and physically throw them away. Replace it with a beautiful, positive thought and feel into this positive thought pattern. Write it down and put it where you can see this during the day to remind yourself. It becomes your affirmation; and that can work wonders! Affirm your belief in your self and your potential for success. Affirm you are a beautiful being, doing the right thing, at the right time and know and trust that everything is OK.

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