Evolve anyway...

Most people are struggling and fighting the changes they are experiencing. Their 'awakening' process as some may call it.

People are more connected; we are becoming more aware of who we are and what we are actually 'doing here'. Some people discover they have other abilities; abilities most people do not yet understand.

I know I am going through yet another change, another level up so it feels. I am clearing a lot of 'sh..'; my body is feeling tired, experiences the flu (yet again) and it is all centred around my lungs, throat and sinus. To me this feels very much about communication, speaking up and showing up. That is my next level up, to truly BE HERE, BE PRESENT and BE HEARD and SEEN. And that is uncomfortable. But I know I am supported by a number of people and certainly my guides and angels. The people who do not (yet) understand or don't support me, I have to let go, even for a little while. This is MY evolution, my process and I need to listen, honour, embrace, accept and that means being fully present and allow healing to happen.

If you experience the same, know that is will be uncomfortable for a while, for you and others around you. I urge you to also embrace your process of change; embrace your new abilities and go with it. Do it for YOU...as the changes are for YOU. Once you are fully in the flow of your change and are fully connected to you and your abilities, you can decide to share this with the world.

Evolve, wake up, embrace, accept and be YOU.

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