Conscious Connection Wakes you Up

"The power in what we do is that we must focus on CONSCIOUSNESS, CONNECTION and AWAKENING, which will give you clarity, confidence and love.

By consciously connecting to your S.E.L.F., we activate the awakening process.

Conscious awakening helps to create peace for you, peace of mind to know what you learn about yourself. You gain clarity about who you are and what you can do for your S.E.L.F.

Connection and awakening creates unconditional love, which is our ultimate goal for ourselves and also between us and other beings."

One of the activities my clients do when they learn how to communicate with animals, is connecting to their heart...tuning into their S.E.L.F.

Today I am sharing this with you, so you too can connect to your heart, to your S.E.L.F. (‘Soul Eternal Love Flame’) and listen...and be...and love...

This activity also helps you raise your vibration as you connect to your heart; as well as connecting with other beings, such as animals, your guides, angels and other people.

Lovingly invite your S.E.L.F. to stop, breathe, center and connect to your heart.

  1. Place your hand over your heart.

  2. Close your eyes.

  3. Breath deeply into your heart, 5 x 5 breaths.

  4. Pause after the last breath, allowing the energy to surge through your body.

  5. Visualise green light around you and white light coming from above, through your crown chakra into your heart.

  6. Think of a person or animal you absolutely love unconditionally and allow that love feeling to enter your heart.

You will feel the most intense love-energy you have ever felt before. This will raise your vibration and open you up to Universal love and energy, to be able to:

* connect with your S.E.L.F. * let go, relax and trust * connect with your spirit guide(s)

* connect with whom you want to connect (whether this is a person or an animal)

I'd love to know how you experience this. Call me or send me an email.

Enjoy this process...

Love & Light


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