You ARE supported...

We may find ourselves wondering if what we are doing is the right thing or whether we are on the right path.

Last week I was in one of those thinking you sometimes allow the ego to do, as she will keep us safe 😉 those state of minds, we seek advise externally and forget that we have the ability to ask ourselves, whether we are doing the right thing, are on the right path and 'what is the next small step I can take?'

I then went to seek out a beautiful Soul who I know connects with the angel she could help me connect with my direct team of angels to ask some questions.

Wow! What an experience! And what a beautiful supportive team we have through the other realms (whether it be the angels, guides, spirit, planetary - we ALL have the support we want)

Not only did my angel team come through; my long-term guide came to pop his head around the corner too. And I completely forgot to check in with him for a looong time!

I can't express how wonderful and loving it was to re-connect with them all. And yes, it is OK to ask for help to help you refresh HOW we connect and what we can do to ask for that help.

And together, your higher SELF and your teams, you are in a powerful position to ask what to do next on your beautiful path, in this wonderful lifetime, to achieve your goals and complete your mission.

Love & Light, Bianca

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