We are in LOVE!

Rosie and Toby are indeed looking out for us from the Spirit world; they mentioned late last year they had already organised a new puppy for us...we didn't see it...I certainly wasn't ready...still grieving and missing them terribly every, single day.

BUT...this little munchkin found us last week: Ziggy!

He is our new furry family member and we are over the moon! We are getting to know this little munchkin who is now 15 weeks young. We adopted him last week; he is settling in very well!

Unfortunately, Ziggy started his life with a backyard breeder, who apparently dumped him and his litter mates with people, who didn't want to have dogs. Luckily they ended up with a wonderful rescue organisation, All Breeds Dog Rescue in NSW. We don't even what happened to his parents...

BUT...he is now with us and we love him to bits already! Cheeky bugger he is, with lots of love in his heart. 🧡

I will be sharing more of him and what he is up to so stay tuned!