Ziggy confirms it: be in the moment!

You know, of course, that animals are not just here to give us love and joy; they are also our best teachers!

Yesterday, our boy Ziggy triggered something in me, that I knew was there, but I hadn't tapped into for a long time.

Trusting my own abilities, knowledge and path is what was missing for a long time. Coupled with the focus on the outcome, rather than the experience and serving the world, makes me realise I don't have the clarity on the next things to do.

I just realised this sitting here, looking out over our garden, watching my boy Ziggy just being himself, pottering around the backyard. He sits, sniffs, checks things out, plays a bit, walks around and then focuses either on his toy, a bug or just relaxes in the sun. He just enjoys the moment, the experience, not knowing the outcome, or he might know, but lets that go. Letting go of the outcome ensures us to be in the moment; to experience the joy, the events, the excitement and many other things were are intending to experience.

Just having the focus on an outcome, removes us from being in the presence. The outcome is in the future. We set the intention, and visualise it, we feel into how it would feel when we have achieved it. But then...we let it go. So we can get into inspired action, to realise that what we are intending to realise, to create. And that allows us to be truly in the moment, feel, experience, observe and show up.

Ziggy - our beautiful rescue

Wow...talking about Ziggy teaching me!

You've got this!!! <3