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One of the Leading Australian Experts in 
Soul-to-Soul Connection for both animals and humans




before 25 APRIL 2018!


before 1 JUNE 2018

PAY ONLY US$99 (rrp US$275)

Bianca de Reus is visiting from Sydney, Australia, to bring her

Animal Communication Program to YOU and YOUR PET.

You are invited to join in the conversation and discover animal communication and what you can do to experience love and harmony with your pet.

During this event you will enjoy the animal stories Bianca shares with you AND you have the opportunity to learn hints and tips on how to better connect with and understand your pet, AND participate in a questions and answers session.

Prices are in USD and includes any taxes

FOR MORE INFORMATION you may contact our USA contact directly:

Ashley Sheridan via ashley @ or phone +1 93 7818 0797


Bianca de Reus in Australia:

bianca @ or phone +61 4 1304 8536

Bianca de Reus is one of Australia’s sought after animal communicators and soul connection mentors.


Bianca helps conscious animal lovers and people working with animals tune into animal language. By bringing them onto the same frequency, creating a deep intuitive understanding of each other, they experience love, clear communication and improved behaviour.


Over the years Bianca has gained experience working with many animals including dogs, cats and horses.  She has also worked with people from a variety of industries, such as horse rescue, wildlife rescue, corporate, executive and metaphysical.  


Bianca is based in Sydney and runs her business with a vegan, ethical philosophy.  She combines her life skills, vocational education and coaching knowledge and experience with her strong metaphysical abilities.


This allows her to bring her animal communication programs into the world, teaching people with the help of the animal kingdom, ultimately connecting all soul beings and bring harmony and love around the globe.

Bianca is available for speaking engagements, group work and individual mentoring consults.

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What people say about working with Bianca

Suzi Dafnis

CEO Her Business

"I contacted Bianca when my dog, Bella, seemed to be devoid of her usual energy and love of play. I was concerned (Bella is now 14.5) that the decline I'd seen was the sign of ill health and an unhappy dog. Bianca was able to connect very quickly with Bella and win her trust. She was loving, gentle and very clearly connected to Bella (as I'm sure she is to any animal she chooses to work with).And while I had intuitively felt that Bella was happy (albeit sore from arthritis in her hips) Bianca's gentle confirmation of what I'd been thinking and some reassurance that Bella was in good health and how we could support her with some chiropractic (Bianca recommended someone who's become a regular resource for us). The work Bianca does is very special and so precious. I feel joy for the animals that get to experience her gift and for the owners who trust themselves enough to allow the communication lines to be opened up with their pets through Bianca. Thanks, Bianca."

Christine Boyd

Animal Wellness Therapist

"I came to the animal communication workshop looking to enhance my communication skills with animals. I am now confident I have the ability to communicate meaningfully with animals and enjoy a deeper connection with them.  Participation in the workshop was very rewarding, useful and definitely thought provoking, the style of the workshop was clear and interactive, friendly and fun. Catering to all levels, which was good for those just starting out and those with more experience.  Well done, Bianca."

Matt Young

Actor and Actor Coach

"Bianca was amazing in facilitating the process moving Mack & Tosh into our home.  We have another dog, Merlot, who showed dominating behaviours.  Bianca's ability to communicate to the dogs remotely and guide them through the move smoothly was extraordinary.  All three dogs now live happily together in our home."

Lisa Phillips

The Confidence Coach

"I had the pleasure of attending one of Bianca's Animal Communication dates in April 2016.  It was a wonderful, enlightening day and Bianca's knowledge and experience was exceptional. The day was so much fun and I also met a great group of people. Since the workshop, I have gained an even closer connection to my pet and glad I took this time out for me and Nora!  Thank you Bianca!  I highly recommend this day to anyone who is interested in animal communication."

Nikki Hunter

Wildlife Rescue in Australia

"Thanks so much for an amazing experience, your animal communication workshop opened my eyes to an avenue of spirituality that I had not considered. It has impacted my everyday life and I think of things I learned with you everyday.  I have started to use the information and skills I learned already. I find myself talking to my animals more, telling them what is happening and going to happen.  With the wildlife rescue, I have been just sending each one love and reassurance. I find that this helps visibly calm them down.  During the course an after it, I have been able to tell what an animal has previously experienced a lot easier than other things. I look forward to growing and learning about this and other messages I receive from animals.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for extending your knowledge out so myself and others can learn."

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