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I believe everyone has the capacity to communicate with their pets, and also their inner self, spirit guides, and other beings. It’s not something we learn as a skill; rather, something we’ve forgotten how to do in this modern world.

Maybe you’ve dabbled in spirituality already: a bit of card reading, some meditation, crystal healing, etc. You might already sense things that no other person around you feels. Or you hear things and see certain images that you can’t explain. As if they are coming from another world, but you can’t quite understand it all.

You feel lonely, frustrated, and stuck. You feel you have no one to talk to as they don’t understand what you are experiencing. You are such a kind, loving and compassionate person, but it feels like you don’t know who you are anymore. Like you just don’t belong.

You’re exhausted. Disconnected.

It doesn’t have to be like this! It sounds cliched; I have been where you are now. Just like you I also felt alone, isolated, stuck, and frustrated. I went in constant circles trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Once I made the connection with spirit, I learned my true purpose, which I am now living every day. And you can too.

Through one-to-one and group programs, I help you to remember how to communicate with your Higher Self and spirit, your guides, and the animals around you. You are guided to trust, align, connect, and raise your vibration with absolute clarity, through practical, hands-on exercises that gently unfold your awareness towards true soul-to-soul connection.

​Allow me to be your guide, mentor and coach, so you feel free, joyful, and energised again. Let’s get you unstuck and fully connected to YOU, the animals and all that is!

That is why I have created beautiful programs and services for you, which are listed below. And if you feel a little unsure, feel free to contact me or book a free call.

Look forward to guiding you.

Stay connected, with love and grace.

“Bianca has an incredible ability to connect and communicate with people and animals from all walks for life. Through Bianca, it’s incredible to hear the messages, insight and love from those so close to us.” – Lisa Gumieniuk, Australia

Soul Vibe Portrait™️

Are you curious to see what your soul looks like in this very moment?

Keen to find out what your inner self wants to share with you so you can move forward with clarity, joy and passion?

By way of channelling your soul messages, colours, symbols and shapes, I am creating a Soul Vibe Portrait™ for you.



Soul Coaching Session

Let's work together on re-connecting to yourself, your purpose, and your alignment again!

Create your life around what you LOVE doing and who you LOVE being. You can use this time for coaching, mentoring, soul communication or Reiki Energy healing.


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Soul Alignment Mastery™️ Program

Soul Alignment Mastery™️ is a 6-week intensive to get you from feeling stuck, frustrated, and disconnected to being fully aligned, energised, and connected!

This program supports you in remembering how to communicate with your Higher Self and spirit, as you are guided through meditation and practical exercises that gently unfold your awareness towards true soul-to-soul connection.

You can attend this program from the comfort of your own home, and it includes weekly group sessions, as well as personal coaching sessions with me.


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Animal Connection Consults

Are you curious to learn what your pet is thinking and feeling? If they are happy? How they experience living with you? Or would you like to find out why they behave they way they do?

Now you have access to finding out directly from your beloved animal. Book your preferred session via the link below.


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Animal Soul Connection™️ Course

The Animal Soul Connection™ course will teach you the fun and practical steps so you can connect to your pet and understand what they experience so you can help them even more.

With practical, hands-on learning, you will gain a deeper awareness of your pet's experience with you and create a much better experience living together.

This 8-day online course is open to you, no matter where you are in the world!



Connecting Soul Beings® Community

Join our Connecting Soul Beings® Community by filling in the form below and enjoy this FREE meditation ‘Align with Your Desire’.

Connecting Soul Beings® is for you as I know you are seeking to reconnect with your Inner Self and have a deeper relationship with your pets. You are looking to connect deeply with yourself, the people around you, the animals, and the world around us, as you feel a bit lost, overwhelmed and disconnected.

Being part of Connecting Soul Beings® will help you get the support you want. You will be inspired by others, and you inspire others with your beautiful experience and knowledge. You can ask questions and learn about spirituality, soul connection, animal communication, energy healing and anything else relating to personal development and metaphysical modalities.


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