Soul Alignment Mastery™

Helping you, the heart-centered pet parent, to connect deeply to your higher self, and the essence of your pet, with confidence and trust.


Soul Alignment Mastery™ was developed because I believe, everyone has the capacity to communicate with our inner self, spirit, animals, and other beings. It’s not something we learn as a skill; rather, something we’ve forgotten how to do in this modern world.

This program supports you in remembering how to communicate with your Higher Self (your Soul), spirit guides, and the animal kingdom, as you are guided through practical exercises, that gently unfold your awareness towards true soul-to-soul connection.

From the comfort of your own home, you will participate in weekly group sessions, as well as personal, intuitive coaching and mentoring sessions with me.

​Allow me to help you feel free, joyful, and energised again. Let’s get you unstuck and fully connected to YOU!

This program is for you if…


      • You have a feeling there is more to you than you dare to admit to yourself.
      • You feel utterly disconnected from yourself and others.
      • You are living the wrong life and you know it deep down, but are afraid to change.
      • You feel different to other people and separate from this world (feeling like you do not belong here).
      • You feel stuck, frustrated, and lonely.
      • You feel you are reacting to everything and everyone around you.
      • You have a gentle, quiet voice speaking to you, but you ignore it and things don’t always work out.
      • You are lost and exhausted.
      • You can’t wait to talk to your pets.
      • You believe you have certain ‘skills’ or ‘abilities’ that other people do not have or don’t usually demonstrate.
      • You have a desire to work with your spirit guides.

Alison Lockyer, from Sydney, Australia, shares her experience on the Soul Alignment Mastery program:

 What you will receive:

      • Four months of transformation
      • Bi-weekly group mastermind
      • One-to-one coaching and mentoring every two weeks
      • Recordings of all the sessions
      • Life-time access to online learning resources
      • Access to a private group to share experiences with program participants
      • Personal support and guidance outside your sessions, from me, for the duration of the program.
      • Free access to all master classes.
      • Certificate of Completion Soul Alignment Mastery™

Start today for only $4,444! 

(Payment plan is available)



      1. Soul Vibe Portrait™ – an intuitive drawing directly received from your Soul (value $247)
      2. Digital copy of my book Hello? Can you hear me?
      3. Connecting Soul Beings® Circle Membership (value $999)

I was where you are now

Hi! I am Bianca de Reus, and I am the founder of Connecting Soul Beings®; a community that provides support in uniting humans and animals, through soul coaching and animal communication.

Many of our community have had an experience similar to my own, and if you’re still reading, you are feeling the same.

You feel lonely, frustrated, and stuck. You feel you have no one to talk to as they don’t understand what you are experiencing. You are such a kind, loving and compassionate person, but it feels like you don’t know who you are anymore. Like you just don’t belong.

Maybe you’ve dabbled in spirituality already: a bit of card reading, some meditation, crystal healing. You might already sense things that no other person around you feels. Or you hear things and see certain images that you can’t explain. As if they are coming from another world, but you can’t quite understand it all.

You’re exhausted. Disconnected.

It doesn’t have to be like this. I hear you! I feel you! It sounds cliched; I have been where you are now. Just like you I also felt alone, isolated, stuck, and frustrated. I went in constant circles trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Once I made the connection with spirit, I learned my true purpose, which I am now living every day. And you can too.

Let’s get you from feeling alone, confused, frustrated, and disconnected to having clarity, energy, community and being fully aligned, and connected!

In 2007, things weren’t going so well for me. My health was suffering, and I felt lost and alone. On top of that my hands felt like they were on fire, and my forehead was constantly tingling. I was oversensitive to all sounds and loud noises; they were too much to bare.

I’d been to doctors and specialists who found nothing wrong with me, and yet I was going out of my mind with these symptoms. I was too scared to talk to other people. I couldn’t even explain it to my wife. Why should they believe me? According to the health professionals, it was all in my head anyway.

Growing up I’d always known things. Like a form of gut instinct, only much more certain. Friends and family had always sought me out for guidance and support.

​“Ask Bianca; she’ll be able to help you find an answer.”
“Bianca will be able to help.”
“I always feel so calm around you, Bianca.”

But I had no idea how or why I knew the answers. I’m a practical, down-to-earth kind of person, and the frustration of not understanding my own mind sent me spiralling into a deep, dark depression. It was a lonely place, and it felt like no-one really understood me at all and I didn’t belong in this world.

I finally confided in my mother as I intuitively knew she could guide me in the right direction. And she did. She guided me to place my burning, tingling hands on my legs. As soon as I did a sense of calmness overcame me, and I knew something magical was taking place within and I experienced a clarity that got me to understand immediately what was going on. That instant moment took me from darkness and frustration to a lifelong study and practice of energetic healing and spirituality.

The Four Pillars of Soul Connection™️

The program is underpinned by the Four Pillars of Soul Connection™ which are explained below:

“I was privileged to participate in Bianca’s Animal Communication Course. And it was amazing. It was filled with valuable information and so much practical experience. I have 14 animals lined up to continue to upgrade my skills. Including horses, ponies, cats, dogs and a budgie. I’m very excited to share my new piece of Soul Connection with the wider animal kingdom. What a fabulous gift to share.

Bianca is very professional, she provides excellent records for you to look back on, and is easily accessible. She has a wide range of services but will also refer on if required. In the last 6 weeks of her coaching me, my business has expanded way beyond anything I ever expected, and my personal health and spiritual growth has grown rapidly alongside it. I would strongly recommend contacting Bianca to see what she can offer you. Thank you Bianca.”

Melanie Roach

Intuitive Healer and Wytch, And She Was

“In the beginning of 2021 I was at a loss as to where to head.

We had an initial meeting to talk about where I was at in life and I decided to join Bianca’s Soul Alignment Mastery™️ course.

Well this has turned out to be one of the best things I have done in my life. There have been challenges, tantrums and more along the way to get to where I am now: more confident, raring to take on life, and do what I have come to do as a soul being.

With Bianca’s guidance, support and patience I have learnt so much about myself, what blockages I had, and where they have stemmed from. My appreciation of all that Bianca has done, and continues to do, is hard to put into definitive words as it extends way past the norm that you might receive when attending a course on personal growth.

I cannot praise Bianca enough for the skills and abilities she has to help someone face situations in their own lives, to help them move forward so that they excel in who they are and what they can do. She has truly helped change my life in ways I am on some level not even aware of yet.

Thank you Bianca, for being the amazing soul being you are.”

Sue 'Adelphia' Martin

Medium, Author and Spirit Channel

“Bianca is a true expert in her field. Having witnessed some incredible energetic & authentic soul connections Bianca makes.

I am truly blessed to be able to work with her.

Bianca is a leader, an incredible educator and a beautiful woman with an enormous passion and drive for what she does best, connecting & harmonising.”

Summer Fox

Founder and Director, The Lioness Society & Foundation