Receive messages from your Soul
Soul Vibe Portrait™

 Your Soul has a Message for You…

Are you curious to see what your soul looks like in this very moment?

Keen to find out what your inner self wants to share with you so you can
move forward with clarity, joy and passion?

By way of channelling your soul messages, colours, symbols and shapes,
I am creating a Soul Vibe Portrait™ for you.

As you allow me to tune into your energy, and communicate directly with your soul,
I receive messages as my hand automatically draws these to show you what they look like.
You will receive a beautiful representation of your soul in that moment.

And sometimes, your guides, angels, the animal kingdom, and any other beings working with you,
want to share also, so they may bring their voice through as well!

My spiritual team has told me that when you have your drawing visible, whether you frame it,
have it on your phone wallpaper, or even tattoo it on your body, you will be able to tune into it,
feel it’s energy and know that this is your true soul self connecting.
You will align, expand and work together with your soul in this lifetime.

There are THREE options available to you:

              1. Digital copy of the portrait, summary, and the audio recorded message emailed to you: $247
              2. Option 1, plus printed on high quality A4-sized paper, and posted to you: $297
              3. Option 2, plus frame: $333

Together with a summary, explanation and audio recording, you will receive your personal Soul Vibe Portrait™.

The beautiful thing is that the connection happens through energy and channeling, so you don’t even have to be present!  All I need is a photo of you!

Your drawing will be available by email within a week of your order.

I look forward to work on your special Soul Vibe Portrait™ and bringing forth your personal messages!

Stay connected, with love and grace,
Bianca. 💜🧡🐾

is a soul vibe portrait™️ what you need?

Are you feeling…


A sense of overwhelm?

You are not where you want to be?

A loss of connection with your higher self?

Out of sorts and don’t know what is going on?

Frustration, as you have been to many other experts and
still don’t know what is going on for you?

A desire to understand your self at a deeper, more aligned level?

If you have answered YES to some or all the questions, then your
channelled Soul Vibe Portrait™ will give you the clarity you are seeking.

Here are some examples created for other beautiful humans: