Imagine being able to know exactly who you are, and what you are here to create?
Being able to hear your inner voice, listen and take inspired action so you live the life you truly love?
What if you were to receive guidance from your Soul and feel confident, empowered and in control? Think of the amazing life you are creating, filled with joy, love and happiness?

Your Soul Connection Workshop

Hi! I am Bianca de Reus and I am the creator of Connecting Soul Beings Institute.  I am your spiritual teacher and mentor for this unique workshop.


You will be supported in remembering how to communicate with your inner self, as I lead you through meditation and practical exercises that gently support a conscious unfolding of your empathetic/intuitive awareness. This inevitably leads to a deeper connection with yourself and the divine; true soul connection.


You will learn how to sense and decode what your inner voice has to say, and how to understand yourself so much better. This will allow you to serve and care for yourself so much more effectively than you can currently imagine. 

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You will work through the 'ATUNE your Connection' model. From a place of confusion, disconnection and fear to soul-to-soul connection, understanding you as Soul Being, feeling connected, living your truth in harmony and love.  

You will learn the skills in intuitive communication, connection to your heart, discover your values, expand and being able to take inspired action. After the workshop, you will not be left alone and in the dark! You will be invited to join a private Facebook Group so you can share your experience and practise with other participants, support each other and receive online support from me.

ATUNE Model by Bianca de Reus

If you are experience any of these, then this is for you:

  • lack of trust, confidence and security

  • not knowing what to do next

  • a loss of connection with yourself

  • anxiety and stress

  • frustration as you have been to many other experts and still you don't know what is going on for yourself

  • aches, pains and dis-ease

  • a need to find out who you are, what you value and what you are here to learn

  • curiousity about this topic and willingness to learn about it




You just want to have fun with other people in connecting with ourselves and each other!

This is what you will receive:

  • A day of intense learning, practising and having fun

  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea (plant-based and gluten free)

  • Learning material

  • Access to a private group on Facebook to share experience with fellow students

  • A personal coaching with Bianca following the workshop

  • Certificate of Completion ​

If you have any questions regarding the workshop, please contact me on 0413 048 536 or via email:  hello @

Oh and did you know; this is a PILOT workshop. That means that you don't pay the full price of $895. You only pay $450!

Stay connected, with Love & grace,

Luisa Rullkotter

founder Equaalia, Australia

"Bianca has been my mentor for nearly two years now and I must say meeting her and attending her mentoring sessions has quite literally changed my life.

Her approach in helping me to truly connect with my inner self in order to find out who I really am and why I am here in this world, has allowed me to create something meaningful and extremely fulfilling. 

Bianca’s ongoing support and years of experience as a mentor encourages me to find strategies to overcome challenges while building my own business. 

You can feel Bianca’s strong purpose while working with her, which makes her a person that I look up to and a truly inspiring soul being.

Bianca is THE person to go to when choosing the path of a ‘soulpreneur’. "

Amanda Powers

founder LeadAstray, Australia

"Bianca is a master at what she does!!

I had the pleasure of being one of her students, her course literally changed my life - I am now running my own business, thanks to Bianca’s amazing support and guidance.

She is a generous soul who goes above and beyond for everyone, whether that is through communication with them directly, or through teaching humanity as a whole how to enrich our relationships with all the people we encounter. 


I am extremely grateful Bianca crossed my path."

Lisa Phillips

"I had the pleasure of attending one of Bianca's workshops.


It was a wonderful, enlightening day and Bianca's knowledge and experience was exceptional. The day was so much fun and I also met a great group of people.


Thank you Bianca!  


I highly recommend this day to anyone."

"A new journey, new relationships, deepened communication and new you. 
Start off right; grab the opportunity to work with other aligned Soul beings."

*Prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.  All payments are required in full and upon booking/registration. 

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more information around pricing, policy and privacy.